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Substance 3D Sampler Version 4.1.0 リリースノート


Substance 3D Sampler 4.1.0では、新しいPaint WarpフィルターとEmbroideryフィルターの改良版が導入されました。このアップデートには、3Dキャプチャーに関するいくつかの改良が含まれています。

リリース日 2023年3月28日


Paint Warp フィルター

Paint Warp フィルターでは、2Dビューにカーブを描くことでマテリアルをワープさせることができます。直線化オプションでは、マテリアルを再調整して、シームレスなタイリングのワークフローを簡単に実現できます。



Embroidery フィルター







4.1.0 Cannoli

(Release date: 28 March, 2023)


  • [Content] New Embroidery filter
  • [Content] New Paint Warp filter
  • [UI] Add Export option in File menu
  • [3D Capture] Back button is now available on the alignment step
  • [3D Capture] Images Handle JPEG EXIF orientation
  • [3D Capture] Scripting - New property
  • [3D Capture] Add Linux support (see documentation)
  • [3D Capture] Verify read access of the imported images
  • [Onboarding] Learn - 2 new tutorials (Embroidery and Paint Warp)
  • [Onboarding] Updated What's New content


  • [3D Capture] Keep camera position when changing version
  • [3D Capture] Merge all groups of an object into one
  • [3D Capture] Renamed generated meshes into Original
  • [Application] Crash when trying to generate thumbnail of a non-existent image
  • [Assets] Trash bin icon does nothing in the Assets panel
  • [Content] Updating filters with material slots doesn't work as expected
  • [Export] Possible crash when exporting an asset with specific filters
  • [Export] SBS/SBSAR Export - image import layers had priority over image parameters
  • [Export] UE4 Export preset doesn't work with PNG
  • [Layers] Crash when dropping a material and a filter at the same time from OS explorer
  • [Layers] Crash when dragging any SBSAR file with any image file
  • [Layers] Embroidery opacity channel can be completely white
  • [Localization] Chinese language may be displayed by default on Linux
  • [Performance] Fixed a memory issue when removing a layer from an asset
  • [Project] Possible crash when saving
  • [UI] Add missing spacing on Version's menu button
  • [UI] Cancel button not properly displayed
  • [UI] Disable sliders animation for 3D Capture post-process parameters
  • [UI] The Material Creation Template window does not close itself when clicking outside
  • [UI] The filter quick accessor closes itself when clicking outside


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